SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Can’t Stop Telling Witty Jokes About His Broad Shoulders

Carats started it, so he continued it.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo has such broad shoulders that fans can’t help but point it out and make jokes about. They aren’t the only ones having fun with it.

At a mini fan meeting, a Carat joked that they’d be able to fly all the way to the U.S with one push from Wonwoo’s shoulders.

After hearing this, Wonwoo couldn’t pass up the chance to make his own witty joke. He responded that he’d be able to send Joshua to his hometown in California and demonstrated how he’d do it by pushing a shoulder forward.

During a special LieV broadcast, Jeonghan shared that he’d been asked way too many times if he’d come from heaven. Like the witty guy Wonwoo is, he cheekily said he could send Jeonghan back with his broad shoulders and demonstrated the gesture of how he’d do it once more.

Wonwoo is a master of coming up with clever jokes. His shoulder ones may just be some of his best yet.