The Childhood Habit SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo “Can’t Seem To Fix”

No matter how hard he tries to stop, Wonwoo still does it.

During SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo‘s Esquire Korea interview, he opened up about one of his habits from childhood that he still hasn’t been able to overcome.

Wonwoo | @everyone_woo/Instagram

When a fan asked Wonwoo about a habit that’s stayed with him from his childhood, there was one that took the crown.

It turned out to be one Wonwoo uses every day. He admitted, “I use chopsticks in a very weird way.

Instead of holding chopsticks in the usual way, with space left in-between them, he did the opposite. Wonwoo explained, “I attach both chopsticks together and grab food.

Because he’s had the habit for so long, it’s become so natural that it’s nearly impossible to change. He said, “I’ve been using them like this since I was little, so I can’t seem to fix this.

Since Wonwoo can pick up a phone with chopsticks, it’s safe to say the childhood habit has been working for him.

See Wonwoo talk about the childhood habit that’s now become a part of him.