SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Doesn’t Let Money Stop Him From Helping Mingyu

At that moment, Mingyu knew he made the right choice.

At the end of the first episode of SEVENTEEN‘s new segment, IF, Mingyu spun a wheel to receive a special mission.

Even though the mission had been Mingyu’s, it ended up revealing more about SEVENTEEN’s close bond with each other, especially how willing Wonwoo is to help one of them in need.

Mingyu had to message a member and ask for one million won, or $1,000 USD, and receive a response in under a minute. He had one person in mind that was the ideal candidate to ask. He suggested Wonwoo. As soon as Mingyu said the name, they were all eager to see how he’d react.

After writing that he urgently needed the money and would repay Wonwoo as soon as he could, Mingyu sent the message and started the clock. He didn’t have to wait long for a response.

Less than ten seconds later, Mingyu had seen that Wonwoo had read the message but didn’t respond immediately. After forty seconds passed, Wonwoo took everyone by surprise with his response.

It hadn’t turned out to be funny like everyone was expecting. Instead, Wonwoo had been serious and reacted like a badass. He only had one thing to say: “Account number.” With his mouth hanging open, Mingyu was amazed.

Many people would think twice about sending their friends such a large amount of money. Wonwoo didn’t have to. If SEVENTEEN needed it, it was theirs.

Everyone needs a friend like him. Watch Wonwoo disregard the amount and come to Mingyu’s rescue in less than a minute.