SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Gains Love For His Warm Treatment Of Their Translator

Some Carats are wishing they were in the translator’s shoes.

No matter where he is or what situation he’s in, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo always takes care of the people around him—even their staff members. His recent moments with the group’s Chinese translator for their Huya gaming live broadcasts are tugging on fans’ heartstrings.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

In one of the most recent live broadcasts, Wonwoo took two Polaroids. Since both turned out blurry, he then gifted them to the translator, who was overjoyed to receive them. That wasn’t the only moment that warmed hearts.

In the latest one, S.Coups delivered a drink for Wonwoo to enjoy while gaming. Although he found it sour from the expression he made after tasting it, Wonwoo offered some to the translator to try it out for herself.

Rather than simply passing it to her, he poured it out himself and personally handed it to her.

Between receiving one-of-a-kind Polaroid photos and sharing drinks with Wonwoo, their translator is living her best life.

Along the way, fans are living for how kind Wonwoo is—especially since staff members can be easily overlooked.

Source: Twitter