SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Had To Give A Spoiler For Their “MAMA” Stage, So He Gave Himself

SEVENTEEN were just as confused as Carats.

To tease their upcoming performance for Mnet‘s 2019 MAMASEVENTEEN shared a few spoilers. Wonwoo wasn’t satisfied with the ones they’d picked and showed them what a real spoiler looked like.


For their third one, he chose himself, “#Wonwoo.”

Everyone couldn’t believe what he’d said. Jeonghan, DK, and Joshua turned to give him a blank look while Mingyu looked as if he was totally done with Wonwoo.

After a long pause, they all laughed at Wonwoo’s embarrassing moment. He held his hands up to his chest, becoming shy from all the attention.

Hoshi lightened the mood and called Wonwoo by a funny new name based on the moment, “Mr. Jeon Spolier.”

Jeonghan cleared it all up by saying that it’ll make sense when everyone sees the performance. You’ll even slap your knee once you realize it.

For now, see Wonwoo make both SEVENTEEN and Carats laugh with his embarrassing spoiler here.