SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Reveals The Happiest Part Of Being A Singer—His Words Warm Your Heart

He thinks about his Carats a lot!

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo recently sat down with Waves Magazine for a captivating pictorial and interview!

In his interview, Wonwoo discussed several intriguing personal aspects such as interesting dreams he’s had as well as details on his career.

On the topic of his career, Wonwoo shared some touching words on what the happiest part of being a singer is to him as well as what the feedback he wants to hear from his listeners.

Q: What is the happiest thing about being a singer?

If those who hear our music receive happiness, peace, and comforted when listening to it, then that’s when I feel the happiest. ‘A singer who can comfort you in times you need it, a singer who makes you even more happier when you already happy,’ I hope to hear these types of feedback.

— Wonwoo

Wonwoo also shared that he believes he is considered to be quite an emotional person because of how many emotions he gets when he hears how happy his music has made Carats!

I believe I’m an emotional person because whenever I see a touching movie or listen to emotional music, I often tend to cry or laugh happily. Making music with my members always makes me happy. Whenever Carats or the people who have heard our music comment something like ‘After listening to your music I felt comfort,’ I always get touched seeing those messages.

— Wonwoo

Wonwoo revealed what often inspires him when writing lyrics and making music. According to Wonwoo, his imagination plays a huge part in writing his lyrics!

I usually write a lot of lyrics and before I write the lyrics, I will decide the theme and imagine the subject. So I rely on imagination to write lyrics.

— Wonwoo

Furthermore, Wonwoo mentioned that a lot of his writing for lyrics comes from his alone time or before he sleeps! And of course, he commented that his imagination takes over and helps him come up with unique lyrics.

I enjoy thinking to myself, especially before going to bed. A lot things happen in my mind, I imagine a lot. I often come up with lyrics through my imagination, these imaginations are the basis of my music.

— Wonwoo

As the sweet person he is, Wonwoo spoke even more sweet words! When asked what songs he listens to the most lately, Wonwoo couldn’t help but bring up his fellow member Jun’s latest hit releases!

Recently our member Jun released his own solo album, from there I listened to the two songs, ‘Crow’ and ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ a lot.

— Wonwoo

| Waves Magazine

Source: Weibo