Here’s The Soft Reason SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Got His International Driver’s License

Wonwoo proved how much he cares for his members 🥺

While over half of the SEVENTEEN members have driver’s licenses, Wonwoo stands out for having an international one.


When Wonwoo shared the reason behind getting it, it caused everyone to love the friendship between him and Mingyu even more.

Wonwoo and Mingyu.

As the members decorated their Heng:garae mini-albums, Wonwoo shared a behind-the-scenes moment from filming one of the music videos.

He tugged on fans’ heartstrings by saying, “I took my international driver’s license to help Mingyu with his music video shooting.

Seeing Mingyu work hard to film scenes for “Snap Shoot” while Wonwo drove the members around hit Carats right in the feels. Mingyu wasn’t the only one appreciating it.

Wonwoo enjoyed the experience as well. He added, “So I tried driving a bit, and it was so charming.

The fact that Wonwoo went out of his way to help Mingyu proved just how much they care for one another. Everyone needs a supportive friend like Wonwoo.

Check out Wonwoo talking about the sweet and thoughtful act here.