SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And Mingyu Discuss Details On The Love Triangle Storyline Of “Bittersweet”

There are so many theories out there.

Since the release of SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and Mingyu‘s first digital single “Bittersweet,” Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fans) have shared their creative interpretations of the music video and the song’s storyline.

While there are several theories out there, Wonwoo and Mingyu discussed details with J-14 Magazine on how they created the storyline and what they focused on. Wonwoo shared that the keyword of SEVENTEEN this year is “Love.”

Q: Now lyrically, the song finds you in a love triangle, how did the storyline come about?

The main message that SEVENTEEN would like to convey this year is ‘love.’ So branching out from the big question of ‘What is love?’

— Wonwoo

Moreover, Wonwoo explained that he and Mingyu wanted to make sure they cover all forms of love, including friendship.

We wanted to express the many types of stories and diverse forms of love, and out of these many types, through “Bittersweet,” we tried to bring together these emotions of young love and friendship. That’s how our lyrics came about. And also, there are so many diverse emotions and variations of love that exist in the world. There’s familiar love, love for each other, our members, etc…and out of all of these, I think we were able to convey the type that we wanted to.

— Wonwoo

Mingyu agreed and shared they wanted to best express the form of love in friendship through “Bittersweet.”

Friendship is also a form of love and romantic love is another. We tried to elaborate on both in ‘Bittersweet’ and we immersed ourselves in the storyline to express these.

— Mingyu

As Wonwoo mentioned previously, Mingyu explained “Love” is the main focus of SEVENTEEN’s music this year and that they plan on releasing them soon!

‘Love’ will be the overreaching theme for future SEVENTEEN tracks that will be released soon.

— Mingyu

Check out the interview below: