SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And Mingyu Share What They’ve Learned From Each Other Through Their Close Friendship

We all want a friendship like this!

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and Mingyu have been known to be super close since before their debut. After releasing their first single “Bittersweet” together, the two talked with Seventeen Magazine to talk about their music and amazing friendship.

As friends and artists, there are a lot of things the two can learn from each other. For Wonwoo, he claimed Mingyu has taught him how to be more confident.

I’m a pretty passive person with less confidence, but watching Mingyu, I learned more active, forward behavior.

— Wonwoo

Furthermore, Wonwoo explained that his personality actually changes a lot and it mainly is influenced by his members, mainly Mingyu.

My personality changing a lot is the other members’ and especially Mingyu’s fault.

— Wonwoo

Since Wonwoo is a huge gamer, Mingyu, stated he’s learned a lot of skills in things such as using computers or gaming from Wonwoo.

For me, from a practical side, I’ve leanred a lot from Wonwoo. Like using computer. And though we don’t often, if we did get to game, I think I learn a lot from him, too.

— Mingyu

As for his personality, Mingyu revealed he is more “Reckless” than Wonwoo and has learned to put more thoughts into his actions.

I’m really reckless and like to take on challenges, and from that side, I’ve learned a lot about more rational and realistic thinking from Wonwoo. I’m still learning, now. I think it’s more that I’m getting influenced than that I’m learning.

— Mingyu

Wonwoo added that the two of them together basically make a perfect friendship! Instead of clashing with their different personalities, the two find ways to make both sides happy.

Yeah, I think, together we’re finding that middle ground.

— Wonwoo

The two clearly have a great friendship and Carats always love to see the duo together.

Check out the video below: