SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Proves He’s The Team’s Strength By Taking Their Penalty Like A Champ

He didn’t want anyone else to suffer.

During SEVENTEEN‘s appearance on Player, they lost a round of the game to the show’s cast. As a penalty, they had to drink herbal medicine. To make it easier, they were given the option to take turns drinking it.


Dino was the first victim. He couldn’t hide the strength of the medicine with his exclamation of astonishment from its strength.

The first thing S.Coups did when taking the bowl from Dino was smell it and proved he wasn’t too much of a fan of it either. In true leader fashion, he took a long sip to lessen the burden on everyone.

Hoshi laughed after his sip and passed it to Wonwoo. Right from the moment his hands touched the bowl, he didn’t intend to play any games. He brought it directly to his mouth.

He didn’t want anyone else to suffer from the taste of the medicine and took matters into his own hands by chugging it like a total champ. Everyone was amazed, from Jun and DK, who had been spared, to the show’s cast.

Wonwoo has no problem taking one for the team whenever necessary. See him down the herbal medicine like it was nothing at all.