SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, GOT7’s Jay B & Cosmic Girls’ SeolA All Share The Cutest Hat

Cuteness overload.

If there’s one thing K-Pop fans know, it’s that when their idols start trending a specific piece of fashion, it’s bound to be the next big thing. And that’s exactly what’s happening with a simple, yet undeniably adorable, nylon black hat from designer JOEGUSH.


The hat, priced at a reasonable ₩52,000 KRW (about $40.30 USD), features a cheeky embroidered message on the front stating, “My cat is a Rockstar & I’m a manager.” Its quirky, lovable message, along with an adjustable back strap for comfort, is seemingly the perfect recipe for K-Pop stars to flaunt and fans to follow.


First up, we have SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo, who has been seen wearing the hat multiple times. It’s become such a staple in his wardrobe that he’s even shared several Instagram pictures with it, indicating his undeniable love for this hat. As a result, dedicated Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fandom) have even started group orders for the hat, a testament to the impact of Wonwoo’s fashion choices.

Next in line, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was seen donning the cap while engaging in a TikTok challenge with labelmate NCT‘s Taeyong. The Reveluvs (Red Velvet’s fandom) was quick to identify that Seulgi’s hat was a gift from one of their own, further amplifying the bond between the idols and their fans.

GOT7‘s Jay B, known for his love for cats, was expected to join in on the hat trend. True to form, he didn’t disappoint his fans. Given that he has three cats and has often voiced his dedication towards them (even placing them above himself on his priority list), it was only a matter of time before he sported this heartwarming hat.

Last but not least, Cosmic Girls‘ SeolA also joined the club of ‘rockstar cat manager’ hat wearers. She uploaded Instagram pictures donning the hat and also shared a sweet Instagram story featuring her own ‘rockstar’ kitty. The accompanying caption – “Hi Rockstar” – was a delightful nod to the hat’s embroidered message. SeolA’s Instagram stories are clear indications of her fondness for this adorable piece of fashion.

In conclusion, this unique hat has become a sweet symbol of the idols’ love for their furry friends and their knack for setting fashion trends. Whether you’re a Carat, Reveluv, Ahgase (GOT7’s fandom), or UJUNG (WJSN’s fandom), or just a general K-Pop fan who loves a great trend, this hat seems to be the must-have accessory for all cat-loving K-pop enthusiasts out there. Let’s see which idol pops up next, proudly declaring their status as their cat’s rockstar manager!

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