SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Reveals Why He Constantly Writes Thoughtful Messages To Carats And It Has Us Soft

His members helped him and now he wants to help his Carats!

SEVENTEEN is a group full of multi-talented and hilarious members. While their energetic and comedic personalities make them all appear as confident and extroverted people, some members such as Wonwoo are on the more timid and introverted side. In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, Wonwoo revealed how he’s been able to gain confidence and become more outgoing!

In the past, many Carats have noticed Wonwoo’s quiet personality and the members have also mentioned how Wonwoo rarely speaks. Because Wonwoo is a less talkative person than some of his fellow members, Carats always take notice of how the extroverted members hype him up.

According to Wonwoo, It’s because of his member’s support and comforting words that Wonwoo has been able to bring up his self-esteem and recognize his value.

I used to have low self-esteem. But when I’m with the other members, they always impress it upon me that I’m a valuable person. And when I thought about all the people around me who are important to me, the other members, my family, CARAT—I thought that I should value myself, and love myself more. And that’s how I found self-love and my self-esteem improved

— Wonwoo


As the sweetheart he is, Wonwoo continued and conveyed his desire to help Carats with the same types of struggles and worries. Wonwoo explained that he does his best to comment and post thoughtful words on Weverse when he can to help.

I answer whenever I see those comments because I want to help any CARAT who have similar concerns. I think they tell me about those kinds of concerns every time I get on there (laughs).

— Wonwoo

Furthermore, Wonwoo added that this changing personality has definitely helped with writing lyrics and making music!

In the past, I was always the quiet one. Whenever I met someone for the first time, I could barely say hello. But now, not only is it easy for me to talk in new situations, sometimes I even surprise myself. (laughs) And I’ll probably continue to change, but I think it’s perfect for my music right now because of how much my emotions have developed.

— Wonwoo