Why Does SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Do That One Sexy Tongue Thing On Stage?

He’s doing it on purpose, but not for the reason you think.

If you’ve ever seen SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo perform, there’s one thing that drives fans absolutely crazy. While the handsome idol causes chaos just by being his talented and handsome self, he has a habit of sticking his tongue out whenever he’s on stage.


It happens so often that fans can’t help gathering their favorite moments of when Wonwoo does it. Because it’s become so well-known among Carats, Wonwoo finally revealed the funny reason behind it.

When Cosmopolitan Korea asked Wonwoo about “the tongue thing,” he immediately became flustered.

As the members laughed, Wonwoo tried to explain, “I have really dry lips. My body is really dry.

Wonwoo was doing it on purpose but only to improve his vocals. Wonwoo said, “It’s dry, so I have to wet my lips to sing.” For the group’s title track, “Left & Right”, Wonwoo took it a bit further.

He’d gone viral for moving his tongue fast enough to match the song’s beat. Wonwoo added, “But I guess I did it really fast. Both sides.

It seems like Wonwoo’s such a professional that he can match his habits to suit their title tracks.

Solving the mystery behind Wonwoo’s habit turned out to be funnier than anyone expected.

Check out the members laughing about it here.