SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Skincare Routine Is So Simple Anyone Can Do It

You can get amazing skin like Wonwoo in less than three steps.

While some K-Pop idols have skincare routines with thousands of steps to follow, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo chatted with Esquire Korea and revealed his two-step routine anyone could try.

Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

Fully ready to answer any questions fans threw at him, Wonwoo jumped right into his skincare routine. Though he didn’t specifically mention cleansing, it appeared that Wonwoo started with a freshly-washed face.

Wonwoo began by refreshing his skin but keeping its natural moisture. He said, “I wipe my face with a toner pad.

He then added even more moisture to his skin. Wonwoo continued, “And put on a lotion.” There was something special about the one he used.

Wonwoo uses a lotion that’s suited for treating his skin. He said, “I use the lotion I got recommended by my dermatologist.

If all it takes to get glowy skin like Wonwoo is two main steps, anyone can give it a try. The most important thing is finding a toner and facial lotion that works for your specific skin.

| @everyone_woo/Instagram

Watch Wonwoo give the details of his two-step skincare routine here.