SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Reveal The Superhero He Is Most Like And His Answer Will Warm Your Heart

Could he be any sweeter?

The members of SEVENTEEN recently sat down with W Magazine and were asked seventeen questions on different topics from music, fashion, and which animal they loved the most.

One of the questions the group was asked was, “Which superhero are you most like?

Wonwoo took the lead with this, explaining that he really loves all kinds of superheroes!

I really like superheroes, and I know quite a diverse range of them. They are committed to saving the world, so I like them all.

— Wonwoo

The other members seemed interested to know whether he would go for someone from the Marvel or DC Universe. Yet, Wonwoo shocked them all by giving a completely different answer that was enough to warm CARAT’s heart. He picked someone a lot closer to home!

If I had to choose one from my life, I’d say my dad.

— Wonwoo

Leader S.Coups was sure that Wonwoo would pick a fictional hero, and along with Mingyu, they both explained that their pick had to be Iron Man! 

It was a touching answer, and many can relate to seeing their parents as the superheroes in their life!

You can learn a bit more about SEVENTEEN by watching the whole video below.