SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Wasn’t Ready For The8’s Advice To Fans Who Wanted To Become Idols

He didn’t hold back πŸ˜‚

Being his straightforward self, SEVENTEEN‘s The8 cracked Wonwoo up with some candid advice for fans who wanted to break into the K-Pop world.

The8 and Wonwoo.

Arena HOMME+ magazine asked the two idols what they would say to Carats who wanted to become idols.

The8 immediately shared words of caution. Making Wonwoo laugh, he said, “Please think about it one more time!

He warned Carats to think carefully about the path they’re choosing, deciding if it led to their goals. The8 said, “Please consider if it will fit you well or not and if you truly like it.

Wonwoo picked up where The8 left off, looking forward to seeing fans become successful idols. He said, “If you’ve made up your mind, I hope to see you on stage!

See the two mix humor and encouragement for their advice to fans.