SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Throws Away The Concept Of Ideal Types

He has another way to go about it.

At a recent fan signing, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo was faced with a question he knew precisely how to answer.


In an attempt to find out what kind of girl he liked, a fan presented him with a short list of options.

Long hair or short hair; skirts or pants; charismatic or cute; younger or older; taller or shorter. Upon seeing this, Wonwoo didn’t go through and choose which options he preferred. Instead, he drew a big circle around them all.

He then told the Carat that none of those things mattered. To him, the most important things are someone who can accept him for who he is and whose heart he can connect with.

Many individuals become stuck on picking a significant other because they fit their ideal type. In reality, the focus should be on how compatible the person is to them. Do you agree with Wonwoo perspective?


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