SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Visual Power Has Increased Over The Years, And So Have His Muscles

He’s ripped AF!

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo has been much-talked-about as one of the visuals of the group, and his evolution through the years shows that he not only got more handsome, but also got a whole lot more buff, too!


At the time of his debut, Wonwoo boasted a thinner figure with a tall frame, and was a whole visual king, even back then!

Wonwoo (grey sweater) around the time of his debut

Fans have, however, recently noticed how over the span of 6 years, Wonwoo worked hard on his body, and is totally ripped now!


He has a well-built, muscled body, and has elevated his visuals to a whole other level!

He’s serving visuals like a king!

Check out Wonwoo’s healthy transformation in SEVENTEEN’s latest comeback “Rock With You”!

Source: The Qoo