SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And WINNER’s Hoony Wore The Same Outfit But Served Completely Different Vibes

They each made the jacket and pants combo their own.

Proving how stylish the two idols are, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and WINNER‘s Hoony were both seen rocking the same Bottega Veneta combo. They wore the $3,500 USD jacket and $3,100 USD pants in the color caterpillar.

Caterpillar top and bottom. | Bottega Veneta

For SEVENTEEN’s “HOT” comeback, Wonwoo kept the jacket and pants combo similar to the model. With the jacket unbuttoned at the top and bottom, he styled the outfit with black shoes and statement jewelry.


Wearing trendy rings, a chunky necklace, and a nose ring, Wonwoo effortlessly pulled off the simple yet chic look. Hoony’s styling took a different approach.

| @everyone_woo/Instagram

For WINNER’s fun music video “I LOVE U”, the group went with a fashion style that perfectly complimented the lighthearted vibe. While he wore the same jacket and pants combo, he tweaked it in ways to suit him. Hoony layered a black shirt beneath the jacket and unbuttoned the sleeves for a more laidback feel.


He also opted for a pair of orange glasses to add more color to the look. The relaxed yet edgy style perfectly matched the upbeat vibe Hoony displayed in the music video.

Whether you’re going for relaxed and edgy or chic and simple, Hoony and Wonwoo showed two ways to pull off the outfit.

Source: YouTube

Same Fit, Different Vibes