SEVENTEEN Woozi And DK’s Stage Antics Have Everyone Trying To Figure Out What’s Happening

They’re a complete mess in the best way.

Fans have gathered photos of Woozi and DK from one of SEVENTEEN‘s Ode To You concert stops and are trying to figure out what’s happening in them.


Since Woozi is resting on the stage, some have said that he slipped. Like the helpful guy DK is, he reached out a hand to help him up. Turns out, that wasn’t how it went down.

DK hadn’t helped Woozi stand at all. He’d ended up dragging him across the stage. Then, the roles were somehow reversed.

In the next photos, DK is the one on the floor, lying there as if ready to roll around.

Unlike him, Woozi looks prepared to help DK up, or at least that’s how it seems.

If it’s SEVENTEEN, the world may never know. What do you think is happening? Either way, it’s certainly amusing to see.