SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Once Revealed His First Love Was An Older Girl And His Members Lost It

Their reactions were hilarious!

During an episode of One Fine Day, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi shared the story of his first love and it will make you swoon!

Before he shared his story, Woozi clarified that even though it’s well known that he’s motae solo (single since birth), he admits he did have his first love in middle school.

His members already started to blush but their reactions were even more precious when Woozi shared, “She was a close noona (older female) I knew.” Upon finding out Woozi’s middle school crush was his noona, the members went crazy and shouted things like “IT WAS A NOONA” and “NOONA!

Woozi stated that since he was younger, she was always affectionate to him. As one always does with their crush, Woozi explained he would always try to act cool when she would swing by his baseball practice at school. Woozi then demonstrated how he tried to appear cool in front of her while playing his position as catcher.

Despite all their cute moments, Woozi admitted that to this day, he still is uncertain about what her affection for him meant.

Before he could find out, Woozi shared he left his hometown to become a trainee at Pledis Entertainment. Woozi shared that after some time, he came to forget her, but tried to find her when he went back home. Sadly, Woozi was unable to meet her: “I naturally forgot about her. When I went back, I couldn’t find her.”

The member’s excited reactions turned blue after they heard the story’s end and the camerawoman also let out a disappointed sigh.

Since Woozi writes lyrics for their songs, Wonwoo then asked, “By any chance, are there any songs amongst SEVENTEEN’s songs” that is about his first love.

The members then speculated and teased that perhaps their song “Very Nice” may be about her as the lyrics say, “Let’s not believe that first love never comes true.” Woozi never revealed if he has written any of his songs about his crush but did give a big grin when his members sang “Very Nice.”

Check out the video below: