SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Isn’t Fooling Anyone With His Choreography Trick

Carats have already caught on to the pattern.

Despite having so many members, SEVENTEEN uses that to their advantage. It makes the fact that they’re always in sync that much more amazing—on top of having some of the toughest choreographies in K-Pop.

Throughout quite a few of their title tracks, fans have noticed something about Woozi‘s parts of the choreography.

No matter what, Woozi can’t let go of his laidback personality. At least once, he’s always seen leisurely walking across the stage while everyone else is knocking out choreography.

In “Aju Nice”, he gives a more relaxed version of the leg kick as he walks down the center.

While everyone taps their feet in “Clap”, Woozi struts down the center to later join them in the next move.

When the group breaks formation in the most organized way for “Thanks”, he’s right there taking a stroll.

For “Happy Ending”, Woozi had to take a bit of a different approach. Instead of walking right down the center, he has to step in between two of the members.

Even in “Fallin’ Flower” his signature couldn’t be missed. This time, he and Wonwoo were walking in opposite directions.

Of course, there couldn’t be a part where Woozi strut right down the middle.

Fans couldn’t help but crack jokes about how often they catch him walking around during choreography. Some joked that it’s because he made the songs, meaning everyone else needed to step out of the way for King Woozi.

On a serious note, others pointed out that he’s usually delivering some powerful vocals during those parts. To keep his voice stable for the best sound quality, it’s better for him to walk to his next spot rather than try to balance it with their difficult moves.

Whatever the reason is, fans love how they can always depend on seeing Woozi walk the stage like it’s his own personal runway.

See model Woozi put his legs to use a few of their title tracks here. Were you able to notice his habit?