SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Fulfills Everyone’s Wish At Bumzu’s Concert

The world just wants a studio version.

As Bumzu’s close friend, and as someone who continually works closely with Bumzu, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi made a guest appearance in Bumzu’s special concert last February 2, 2020.

Woozi fulfilled everyone’s wishes through his special performance at BUMZU’s concert.

He sang his famous heart-wrenching song, “What Kind of Future,” for the audience and touched every single heart present at the concert, and even those who watched the video online.

It was only the third time Woozi sang the song. The first time was for SEVENTEEN’s Ideal Cut World Tour in Seoul, the second in SEVENTEEN’s Ideal Cut Encore Concert, The Final Scene, and third, in Bumzu’s concert. But it hit everyone who heard him sing the song straight into the heart.

Woozi even explained that he composed this song with the thought of only performing it once, but there he was on stage performing it for the third time.

With that, Woozi trended yet again, and as expected, since he has always been trending whenever he performed his unreleased solo song. Likewise, many have been demanding for a studio version of his solo song.

Fans were indeed happy to see him singing one of the greatest songs of all time after a while.

He also sang a duet with Bumzu on stage where they performed “I Don’t Miss You,” the song Woozi wrote specially for Bumzu.

Fans who attended the concert were definitely well fed!