SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Hints At Why “Mansae” Has Been Missing From Their Recent Concerts

Carats have been wondering why it hasn’t been performed lately.

SEVENTEEN‘s “Mansae” has been one of their most popular songs due to its catchy chorus and playful sound. During their recent Ode To You world tour, Carats have noticed that the song hasn’t been a part of any setlists.


At a fan signing, a fan seemingly asked why that was so. They gave Woozi five possible choices.

They’re too mature to perform the track; it doesn’t fit the recent tour’s concept; they don’t want to perform it anymore; they’ll add it if Carats are interested in it; or, there’s another reason.

Woozi selected the last choice and filled in the blank with the name of their company: “PLEDIS.”

Entertainment companies often restrict their artists from doing many things. In SEVENTEEN’s case, it seems like Pledis Entertainment is somehow behind the reason for “Mansae” being MIA. Maybe there’s something special planned for the track in the future?