Here’s Why SEVENTEEN’s Producer Woozi Is So Good At Making Music, According To Hoshi

They’ve worked together many times.

SEVENTEEN is full of multi-talented members! Hoshi, for example, is known as one of the top dancers in K-Pop. While he leads the choreography making of the group, Woozi is in charge of the other aspect of their performances: the songs themselves.

Together, they make magic—something they acknowledged in an interview with Weverse Magazine.

Woozi and Hoshi

Because they’re great at both singing and dancing, they apply their skills in their respective specialties. Hoshi explained that Woozi makes better songs because he understands what kinds of tracks dancers prefer.

Woozi is a great dancer, so he makes unbelievable dance songs. Dancers know exactly the right moment to light things up. When I have an image in my head of what we should do on stage and explain it, Woozi catches on and turns it into a detailed song.

— Hoshi

They gave the example of their Mnet Asian Music Awards performance in 2018. Both members put forth several great ideas for their “Getting Closer” performance, an important stage for them.

‘Getting Closer’ had started from the idea that it would be good to emphasize the performance as the main point, since it’s SEVENTEEN’s strength.

— Hoshi

“Getting Closer” was composed by Hoshi, Woozi, and Bumzu. Hoshi first shared a video of a dance competition with the “right feeling” that he wanted to portray on stage. Woozi and Bumzu immediately knew what to do with it, rearranging Hoshi’s track to their liking.

It’s SEVENTEEN’s creation. A lot of good ideas come to us, even when we’re just goofing around. We toss ideas around freely, deciding what we’ll do on stage, saying, ‘This isn’t too serious, this is good, that makes sense.’

— Hoshi

Bumzu (Left) and Woozi (Right) | Pledis Entertainment

Unlike most people, making music and dances are not a problem for SEVENTEEN. Woozi shared that they simply bring to life what they envision.

To be honest, self-production was never a big deal for us. If I look back now, it’s just kids being cute with each other and messing around. But I think it’s safe to say, given the things we were making, even at that young age, we were looking at things somewhat professionally when it came to creating things, like it was a regular part of life.

— Woozi

Woozi and Hoshi are definitely a dream team!

Source: Weverse Magazine