SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Revealed He’s A Jonas Brothers Fan And Carats Are Shook

When two worlds collide in the best way possible:

Carats are feeling like their two worlds are colliding in the best way possible after SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi revealed he’s a Jonas Brothers fan!


Many fans fondly remember when Woozi and Joshua sang along to the Jonas Brothers’ “Burning Up” on an episode of SEVENTEEN TV predebut.


At the time many fans figured that Woozi knew the song because of Joshua but it turns out he was a big Jonas Brothers fan all along! Woozi recently posted two different Instagram stories showing off his love for them.


Besides uploading pictures of “Cool” and “Sucker” along with emojis expressing his feelings for the songs, he also tagged both the Jonas Brothers’ group Instagram account and their individual ones!


Some Carats were so surprised by Woozi’s fanboy moment that they even checked to make sure they were really on Woozi’s page!


But even if they had to double-check they’ve been celebrating the news and wondering if one day they’ll be blessed with a collaboration!


Seriously though, fanboy Woozi is so cute!