Woozi And Joshua’s Secret Outings Proved They Were Closer Than SEVENTEEN Even Knew

“You didn’t tell us about it.” – Seungkwan

SEVENTEEN has been together far longer than the five years since their debut. Combining that with their sheer number of members, there’s bound to be moments that everyone didn’t know about.

That was the case when remembering their favorite moments with each other. Woozi recalled one with Joshua that took them all by surprise.

Since they were going around the table and sharing a memory about the member beside them, Woozi didn’t take long picking one of his favorites with Joshua. Watching films together had been their thing, “With Joshua hyung, I remember watching movies with him often.” At the mention of it, Joshua began to laugh, “That’s right!

Because it was something so common, the rest of SEVENTEEN didn’t understand why it was such a cherished memory. Joshua clarified, “Just the two of us,” followed by Woozi’s confirmation, “We often watched movies just the two of us.

The rest of the members hadn’t known until that moment, surprised the two would sneak off and spend time together. Vernon was especially taken aback, feeling like he’d been missing an important piece of the puzzle, “Oh, why didn’t I know about this?

Woozi revealed that he and Joshua would go the movie theater on a whim and see whatever called out to them the most. That’s how they would spend the majority of their free time since they weren’t as busy then as they are now:

We went several times together. At that time, it’s not like we decided on a movie and then went to the theater. We would go to the theater and choose a movie right there. Yes, we watched several movies like this a long time ago when we had a lot of time. Now we can’t.

Wearing a bright smile, Joshua was happy to be reminded of those memories, “Oh my gosh, amazing. We went quite frequently.” Like Vernon, Seungkwan was feeling a little left out of the loop, “You didn’t tell us about it.

They were happy just to keep the precious moments to themselves. Woozi and Joshua made a promise to do it again when they have time, “Those memories of him as my movie-mate came rushing back. Let’s go again.

If you’ve ever had doubts about all the members of SEVENTEEN not being close, this proves that there’s more than meets the eye. They’re so close that even their fellow members sometimes don’t even know about it. Check out Woozi and Joshua surprised everyone with their good times here.