K-Pop Songwriter Calls SEVENTEEN’s Woozi “Super Talented” And Reveals How He Works Behind The Scenes

She couldn’t help but praise him!

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi is known for being a musical genius. He’s the man behind the group’s most famous songs including “Mansae” “Home,” “Clap,” and more.


What’s he really like in the studio without the cameras rolling? K-Pop A&R specialist and songwriter Michelle Cho gave us the answers! In an interview with ReacttotheK, she couldn’t help but praise Woozi’s professionalism after working with him in the past.

Woozi is super talented. He was a great songwriter when he joined in that session.

— Michelle Cho

She revealed that his previous experience as a songwriter made him feel at home inside the studio.

He’s already established, like he knows what he wants to do. He was a great writer.

— Michelle Cho

Woozi in the studio

He made sure to give his opinions on the music direction that SEVENTEEN wanted to take, making it refreshing to work with him.

I remember getting that, ‘Oh, they want to try this kind of style?’ So we had a track that would fit that, the track for ‘Habit’ was produced, and then Woozi worked on the topline.

— Michelle Cho

The result of Woozi’s hard work alongside Michelle and her team was SEVENTEEN’s “Habit,” a song from their fourth mini album, Al1 that was release din 2017.

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Source: YouTube