SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Reminds CARATs To Choose A Horse Wisely When Riding A Carousel

Woozi enjoyed it!

SEVENTEEN attended the 34th Golden Disk Awards and performed some of their best hits at the show, including “Fear,” the Korean version of “Happy Ending,” and a dance medley of “Home,” “Good To Me,” and “Getting Closer.”

The vocal unit comprising of members Woozi, JeonghanJoshuaDK, and Seungkwan also surprised the audience with a special performance of the vocal unit b-side, “Hug.”

SEVENTEEN’s vocal unit made use of the carousel which was displayed on the stage for their performance. All members were standing on the ride, except for Woozi who chose to sit down on one of the horses.

Little did he know that the horse would be one of those that will be moving up and down! And so, he entered singing the song while riding on the horse as it moved! He was trying to hide his smile when he realized he chose the wrong horse to ride on, instead of a still one!

His fellow members, HoshiThe8Wonwoo, and VERNON, who were watching as an audience also couldn’t help, but laugh when they saw their member entering the stage like that!

Seungkwan also asked Woozi about the experience when the group held a live broadcast after the award show, and he admitted that it was fun!

Woozi posted on the group’s official fan cafe later that night and reminded CARATs to choose the horse they will be riding on in a carousel wisely!