SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Reveals Where He Got The Inspiration To Write “Pinwheel”

No wonder it’s such a beautiful song.

SEVENTEEN‘s vocal team, comprised of WooziJeonghanJoshuaDK, and Seungkwan, released the track “Pinwheel” back in 2017, but the song is still amazing and worth every second of our time. The song is about heartbreak, loneliness, and longing – and the imagery, of a pinwheel spinning by itself, sung by the members really adds to creating the sentimental mood of the track.


On 1theK’s Ask In A Box, SEVENTEEN members discussed this track in detail. When Woozi, who wrote the lyrics and composed the melody, was asked about where he got the inspiration for the track, he revealed that it was actually based on a dream he had.


Woozi went on to describe the dream that motivated him to write “Pinwheel”. It was the first time the other members got to hear about the dream as well, so everyone was all ears!

I was standing under the gloomy sky, on a vast field of green. In the middle of the meadow, there was a little path. And in the middle of that path, there was a single pinwheel standing by itself.

— Woozi


Woozi explained that the dream was unusual and it immediately became an excellent source of inspiration. He added the imagery from his dream felt so real that he had to make a song about it.

I loved the image. It looked like the pinwheel was waiting there for someone. It was so sad, but I loved the vibe I got from the whole dream.

— Woozi


His fellow SEVENTEEN members praised Woozi for being able to turn his dream into an entire song – and a really good one at that. Hoshi admitted when he first heard the song, he was amazed by the level of imagination and the depth of the metaphors in the lyrics.

It made me want to know what was going through Woozi’s head when he wrote the song!

— Hoshi


And that, dear CARATs, is how Woozi wrote “Pinwheel”!


Listen to the track below:

Source: 1theK