Why SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Is Sometimes Scared To Present New Songs To The Members

As the person who makes most of their songs, Woozi was honest.

As the creative mastermind behind much of SEVENTEEN‘s music, Woozi always comes up with new songs for the group’s albums. During the group’s interview on the Zach Sang Show, Woozi revealed why it could sometimes be scary when presenting new songs to the members.


Since Woozi revealed that he knows a song is nearly complete when he “can confidently gather the members to present the song,Zach Sang had one question for him about the process.

He wondered if it was nerve-wracking to have twelve other people analyzing it. Making the group laugh, Zach Sang asked, “[Is it] scary to let the other members listen to it, or do you know that it’s gonna be judgment-free?

With a smile, Woozi didn’t shy away from answering. He admitted, “It’s scary sometimes.” There was an understandable reason why.

After working on a song for so long, Woozi was sometimes worried about how the members would react to it. The members are straightforward about their thoughts and have to consider how the song would represent them as an entire group.

I always want their honest feedback. I don’t even have to ask [because] they always give their honest feedback.

— Woozi

Though Woozi might sometimes worry about the members’ reactions, they’ve managed to reach seven years as a group by being honest with each other and staying true to themselves.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Check out Woozi’s adorably honest reaction to sometimes being scared when playing new songs for the group.