SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Is A Total Homebody, Even When He’s On Vacation

And Carats have never related harder to anything ever before.

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi isn’t much of an adventurer – he admitted. He doesn’t like to go outside, not even for shopping or taking walks. Unless he has a very clear reason to step out the door, Woozi much more prefers to stay indoors.

I really just don’t like going outside. If possible, I’d rather watch the movie at home. And I prefer to order in so I can eat at home.

— Woozi


This doesn’t change even when he’s on vacation. In fact, put him inside a hotel room and he’ll make the most out of the fluffy and comfy hotel bedding! Woozi was caught on camera spending 8 hours inside his suite in Osaka, Japan without ever stepping a foot outside the room – and it has Carats screaming, “But that is literally me every weekend!”


By 11AM, Woozi actually hasn’t gotten out of the bed yet. He had his eyes glued on his cellphone when the doorbell rang. Viewers got their hopes up thinking maybe Woozi will finally get ready and leave the room…


… but he returned in only seconds with food delivery in both his hands. Woozi feasted on the packed lunch that was sent up to his room.


Here’s Woozi listening to his favorite songs while stuffing his face with food. He looked satisfied with the quality of the food and his own choice of music; but he looked the happiest about the fact he was able to achieve all of that in his room and nowhere else! Does it look familiar yet?


By 1PM, Woozi had finished his meal and was back in bed, of course. This time, he was focused on his laptop. The way he was completely entranced by whatever he was watching had his fans relating really hard. If that isn’t all of us binge watching shows on the weekend!


Then Woozi was spotted cruising around the room while dancing-ish. Everything about this 200% homebody Woozi reminded Carats of themselves – the loungewear, the bed hair, the funky dance moves, and the hint of drowsy laziness filling the air too!


Even by 4PM, Woozi was still in bed – watching videos on his phone. When his roommates returned from their action-filled day in the outside world, Woozi barely flinched to greet them. Sometimes, on the laziest of the lazy days, it actually is simply too hard to even lift a finger – we know.

Did you even bother getting out of bed at all or what?

— Wonwoo


And the answer is no. No, he did not bother getting out of bed or leaving the room at all. Woozi called it a day early and passed out again by 8PM. But that’s diversity, right? That’s how Woozi recharges and heals. For some people, R&R means confining themselves to a room and getting soaked up by the mattress.


Watch the full clip below: