SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Soft Spot For Vernon Melts Hearts

They’re too precious 🥺

Since the bond between SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and Woozi is so beloved, Woozi proved that he really does have a soft spot for Vernon with a moment that was equally funny and touching.

Woozi and Vernon.

When Vernon congratulated Joshua with a thumbs up and wanted to seal the deal with a high-five, he encountered a funny yet relatable problem.

Joshua didn’t seem to notice Vernon’s hand, leaving him hanging. While Vernon tried to play it off, there was someone who did notice.

Helping him save face, Woozi swooped in to give Vernon a handshake. That wasn’t the only moment that caught attention.

Vernon repaid the caring act with a cute dose of Woozi’s version of “I love you” by saying, “Wooahae.” Even Woozi was attacked by Vernon’s cute charms, cracking a smile.

Carats adored the sweet moments between them and appreciated how Woozi and Vernon are always ready to support each other.

Source: Twitter