SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Explains The Meaning Behind The Underscore In SEVENTEEN’s New Song “_WORLD”

SEVENTEEN are a constant source of encouragement.

SEVENTEEN have a history of using punctuation marks in the titles of their songs, albums, and concerts.

Their second special EP, Semicolon, carried significant meaning, with SEVENTEEN hoping to encourage the youth and tell them it’s okay to take a break and enjoy themselves during their journey.


Furthermore, with the title track “HOME;RUN,” SEVENTEEN expanded on their comforting message by telling listeners that a semicolon doesn’t indicate an end but rather rest.

In addition, SEVENTEEN’s first English single, “Darl+ing,” has a plus sign in the middle, signifying becoming one with a loved one.

With their latest repackage album, Sector 17, SEVENTEEN dropped a new title track, “_WORLD,” that overflows with positivity and warmth. In the behind-the-scenes video of the filming for the music video, Woozi, SEVENTEEN’s resident producer, shared the meaning behind the underscore.

The new world can be anything you want it to be.

— Woozi

| SEVENTEEN/YouTube   

With the underscore, SEVENTEEN reminds listeners that they have the power to define their world however they want to. Whatever dreams you have, whatever you want your world to be, whatever new perspective you see things from, it’s all up to you. And as you can see from this shot of Woozi, the underscore becomes a fill-in-the-blank space, emphasizing SEVENTEEN’s empowering message.

As always, SEVENTEEN are a source of encouragement and comfort for their fans, and we can’t wait to see how beautiful their new world is.