SEVENTEEN Wouldn’t Have Allowed The Filming Of “Hit The Road” Years Ago, Here’s Why

They were holding back for a reason.

Through the documentary SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, SEVENTEEN showed a different side of themselves than the happy-go-lucky one that fans were used to.

Seeing such a raw side of them proved they had ups and downs just like everyone else, even if they were idols.

While those tough moments endeared SEVENTEEN to fans more than before, the group revealed they wouldn’t have allowed the documentary to be filmed years ago.

When the documentary came up as a topic in their iHeartRadio interview, Wonwoo brought up their unexpected thoughts about it. Although it was a hit, he confessed, “In the past, we wouldn’t have wanted to share those [hard times].”

Since the connection between them and Carats has reached a certain level, they finally felt comfortable showing those parts of their lives. Even though they’d been hesitant, they were happy the documentary was filmed.

Wonwoo explained, “But now, because we have developed a deeper connection with our fans and because we wanted to share these sides of ourselves, we decided to shoot the documentary. I think it was good that the documentary came out.”

S.Coups shared his sentiment. He emphasized how fans have been supporting them through everything, “I also think there’s this trust that even if we show them these sides, they will loves us no matter what. I believe that trust enabled us to share this.”

It can be easy to focus on the sparkly side of idols that they show on stage. For one of the most light-hearted groups to open up about their struggles is touching. The trust between SEVENTEEN and Carats made SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road possible.