SEVENTEEN’s Dino Reveals This Surprising Reason That He Sometimes Delays Music Video Shooting

Dino’s “bad habit” is actually really good.

In a short interview with Billboard (it seriously needed to be longer!) SEVENTEEN revealed some bad habits that they have. Dino revealed that his “bad habit” was drinking too much water. At first, drinking too much water sounds like a bad habit a lot of us wish we had, but then he explained that how this habit interferes with his work.

Obviously, drinking more water leads to more bathroom breaks.

When nature calls, nature calls, and unfortunately for Dino, sometimes nature calls when SEVENTEEN is in the middle of shooting their music videos!

Other than a playful hit from Junhui, none of the members seemed too bothered by Dino’s “bad habit”, so we’re gonna say keep on drinking that water Dino! Watch SEVENTEEN’s full, but tragically short, interview below: