SEVENTEEN’s DK and Hoshi Make Carats Swoon With Two DAY6 Covers

Our ears are blessed

SEVENTEEN members DK and Hoshi have recently shared their love for DAY6 by each covering one of the idol group’s songs!

DK’s came out first on March 20, where he posted two clips of himself singing and playing the guitar for the song “When You Love Someone” on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter. The captions he posted to go along with each post were amusing but sweet.

“I sang it a bit while I was practicing the guitar. I’m not very good but [laughter] I did it because I like the song. Please enjoy.”

“I tried doing the verse too. Sorry that I’m not good at it”

Early the next day, on March 21, Hoshi posted his own DAY6 cover with the song “You Were Beautiful”. The caption in his Twitter post simply says “Gift” – presumably meant as a gift to Carats. The video shows the handwritten lyrics of the song as he sings them.

Fans responded happily to both covers, showing their support for the two talented singers.

Maybe a DAY6 and SEVENTEEN collaboration is in order??