SEVENTEEN’s DK Has A New Special Talent He Can Add To His List

DK is a man full of talents!

SEVENTEEN‘s DK has shown many talents, but he never fails to surprise CARATs with new ones!

In another episode of 1Min7Sec CHALLENGE, DK showed that he has more talents up on his sleeves!

DK tried the challenge that was originally given to VERNON. wherein he needed to finish drinking a full cup of drink from a long straw within 1 minute and 7 seconds.

His fellow members were surprised by how fast DK was going and were cheering him on from the sides!

DK did so well in drinking the drink from the straw, and only had a few sips left before he could empty the cup!

However despite his speed, he wasn’t able to finish it within the given time frame. Although no one was able to fulfill the challenge this time, DK’s fast-drinking skills is definitely a recognized talent not many can do!

Watch the full video here: