SEVENTEEN’s D.K Splashes Water On Vernon, What Happens Next Isn’t What You’d Expect

D.K is always full of surprises.

SEVENTEEN has been having fun during all their Ode To You tour stops, and a moment between D.K and Vernon didn’t end quite like anyone would’ve expected.

With a water bottle in hand, D.K decided he would cool Vernon down by suddenly splashing some water on him. Afterward, Vernon slowly looked up to meet D.K’s eyes.

So D.K stood completely still, not even moving his eyes, and they stared at each other. For a long moment, they waited to see who would make a move first.

At the same time that Vernon had begun to move toward him, D.K turned the bottle on himself and poured the water out. And, they both laughed as Vernon playfully pushed him.


Sometimes there’s no telling what D.K will do next, and this was one of those funny moments. Watch D.K cool down Vernon and himself.