SEVENTEEN’s D.K And Stray Kids’ I.N Share This Habit, And It Drives Their Members Up A Wall

But, they still love them anyway.

Everyone has habits that others may not be too fond of, and that’s the case for SEVENTEEN‘s D.K and Stray KidsI.N. They share a habit that irritates their members just a bit.

On an episode of Going SEVENTEEN, D.K tried to drink from the soda cans on the table but realized they were all empty. And, that’s because he’d already drank them all.

Joshua revealed that it’s D.K’s habit to first drink it and then ask if it was okay afterward. And, it made Joshua a bit sad because the soda had helped him digest the greasy food they were eating.

And, Stray Kids’ I.N is the same way. On We K-Pop, Changbin said that his snacks would disappear and the culprit would tell him he ate his snacks afterward.

Although their identity was supposed to remain secret, Changbin named that person as I.N. And, he could only laugh at the truth of his habit.

D.K and I.N just can’t hold themselves back from eating and drinking whatever they want, but their members understand it’s not something they do simply to annoy them.


Watch D.K drink all of Joshua’s soda and Changbin solve the mystery of his missing snacks.