SEVENTEEN’s DK Wants To Eat Pizza, Pizza, And Only Pizza In A New Interview With Buzzfeed

All other foods can go home now.

SEVENTEEN just appeared in a “Celebrity Who’s Who” with Buzzfeed, and besides Mingyu getting picked for almost every single category, one major takeaway from the interview is just how much DK loves pizza.

While introducing himself, DK was quick to declare his love for pizza. So quick, in fact, that he had to be reminded to say his name.

While choosing which member eats the most it was a tie between Woozi and DK, who took the time, again, to say that his favorite food was pizza. And when the producer asked what else he liked to eat: “pepperoni pizza”.

There you have it, Carats! If DK had anything to say about it, his diet would surely include pizza, more pizza, pepperoni pizza, and a little pizza on the side. (Did we mention pizza?)