SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Had The Best Comeback For Why They Weren’t Named “Thirteen”

He was too ready for Soo Geun.

SEVENTEEN will be guests on the upcoming episode of Knowing Brothers, and they were asked a question they get asked way too often as soon as they came on set in the preview.

They introduced themselves with their signature greeting, “Say the name, SEVENTEEN.”

That’s when Soo Geun asked, “Shouldn’t you be called Thirteen?” Since they have thirteen members rather than seventeen, this is something they have to address often. So, of course these funny guys would use it against them.

Hoshi was ready to give as good as he got though. He used their seniors Super Junior as an example as he yelled, “If it’s Super Junior, aren’t they Super Men?”

It was such a perfect response to the question that Carats are calling iconic.

SEVENTEEN doesn’t hold back when it comes to joking around. See savage Hoshi jump out here.