SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Cried After Group Achievement of Record Breaking Sales

SEVENTEEN and CARATs wanna give him a big hug!

SEVENTEEN recently came back with their 3rd Full Album, An Ode, and broke their own record for the number of albums sold on it’s first week of release. The group set a new high record of more than 700,000 albums sold on its first week.

Members Jeonghan, Seungkwan, S.coups, and Mingyu shared in their respective radio guest appearances that the team was having dinner after finishing their schedules for the day when they suddenly heard the news that they sold over 700,000 copies of their album.

The members also shared that
Hoshi cried during the team dinner upon hearing the news because of all the overwhelming emotions.

Hoshi later on admitted that he did in fact cry after hearing about the success and the love their album received. He mentioned that for SEVENTEEN’s debut album they only sold around 1,400 albums, but now, 4 years into their career, they sold 700,000 albums.

After working hard for years, and dedicating their youth to becoming one of the top K-Pop idols of this generation, CARATs definitely saw this success coming for SEVENTEEN.

Source: Worldwide Carats