This Is Why SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Just Got Lost In KCON, Fans Can’t Stop Trolling

Everyone, grab your tickets! “Finding Hoshi” is now premiering in theaters.

SEVENTEEN is scheduled to perform as one of the acts of KCON Los Angeles on August 18.

While fans were barely keeping themselves together due to excitement, news suddenly broke out that main dancer, choreographer, and integral member Hoshi was missing.

He even began trending on Twitter worldwide right away.

CARATS were shocked at how he was able to disappear in a venue as packed as the Staples Center.

The reason for his running out was actually very simple: Hoshi was thirsty.

The staff were noticeably stressed with the situation, most likely because Hoshi was one of the hosts of the event.

Despite their worry, CARATS couldn’t let the opportunity to poke fun at Hoshi’s situation pass.

They even likened him to the PIXAR movie “Finding Dory.”

Fans were able to envision what the other member’s reactions would be.

They were sure this is what Hoshi looked like returning from finding his water.

Hoshi eventually made it on stage after an hour of being missing in action.

Everyone is just happy he’s found!

Source: Yabbaysany on Twitter