SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Looked Cute In Pictures Of Himself Enjoying His Down Time

He sure enjoyed his free time!

SEVENTEEN recently went to Dubai to perform for 2019’s Korean Brand and Content Expo. CARATs from Dubai were very excited to hear the news because it was the group’s first time to go and perform in the country.

The members had the opportunity to go around and explore the country after their schedule, and Hoshi looked like he made the most out of it!

Hoshi posted photos of himself playing around o the shore looking very cute!

He seemed to have enjoyed playing around in the sea as he removed his slippers. Even fellow member Jeonghan didn’t miss out on the fun and played on the shore as well!

Hoshi looked like he had an enjoyable time as he captioned the photo with the phrase “A happy time.”

CARATs are very glad to see the boys enjoying their free time in Dubai!

Check out Hoshi’s post below: