SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Shows Off His NY Fashion, Making Airport Staff Laugh

The embarrassment was too real, even for himself.

After returning from KCON NY, SEVENTEEN passed through the airport. And, Hoshi debuted some new fashion for everyone to see.

From top to bottom, everything he wore screamed New York.

From the hat, shirt, pants, and fashionable flowery bag. He even finished the look off with designer Balenciaga sneakers.

To showcase his new look, he made the airport his own personal runway. Afterward, he’d been embarrassed by it. Turns out, he wasn’t the only one though.

One of the airport staff members near the sliding doors Hoshi had come through burst into laughter and tried to hide it behind his hand.

Hoshi has a vibrant personality but even he experiences embarrassment. And, most importantly, causes secondhand embarrassment.