SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Stuffed A Whole Burger Into His Mouth And Vernon Couldn’t Handle It

He didn’t understand what was going on.

SEVENTEEN uploaded a clip titled “Hoshi’s Hamburger Eating Show”. Hoshi ate a hamburger, but the way he did it had Vernon in shock.


Hoshi had folded the hamburger and was ready to eat it when Wonwoo stopped him. Wonwoo had wanted to play music before they started eating.

With the music ready, Hoshi folded the hamburger again and stuffed all of it into his mouth.

Wonwoo was entertained by Hoshi’s skills, happy with simply watching him chew.

Woozi‘s expression was unreadable per usual, and Jun remained unbothered by everyone.

But, Vernon was thoroughly shocked and kept repeating the phrase “Oh my.” He was far from entertained.

Watch Hoshi’s awesome eating skills here along with Vernon’s reaction. Were you happy like Wonwoo or grossed out like Vernon?