SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is The King Of Getting Discounts, Even In Indonesia

He’s so good they’ve given him a new nickname.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo, Jeonghan, and S.Coups went on a trip to Indonesia through the show Battle Trip.

Like most people preparing for a trip, Jeonghan researched helpful Indonesian phrases like “It’s expensive,” “Give me a discount,” and “Thank you” beforehand.

As soon as they went shopping, Jeonghan used his new language skills. He told the woman selling clothing that it was expensive. At first she wouldn’t budge on the price, but she eventually lowered it just for them.

After gaining the confidence after the first success, Jeonghan tried to bargain with another seller, using his trusty phrase “Mahal” for “It’s expensive.” But, he failed and S.Coups just stood by and watched in amusement.

But, Jeonghan didn’t give up and managed to secure two more discounts. With the help of a bit of English he knew along with Wonwoo’s, he got cheaper accessories and even rickshaw rides.

Even if he doesn’t speak the language well, Jeonghan will manage to get the cheaper price, at least 3 times of out 4. Learn “Mahal” Jeonghan’s skills at 5:52.