SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is The King Of All Hair Colors

Is there a color he can’t pull off?

Recently, CARATs went into a frenzy decided whether they liked black haired Jeonghan or white haired Jeonghan more. Many agreed that he looks princely with both ‘dos, but as Jeonghan experiments with more colors, the more he proves that he is the king of all hair colors.




Many CARATs are also in love with pink-haired Jeonghan. People agreed that the feminine color suited Jeonghan’s adrogynous features, further enhancing his godly visuals.

Jeonghan also sported light purple hair for a hot minute. Fans agree that the color came and went to fast, with some lowkey hoping that he’ll dye his hair this color again one day.

He also had light brown hair, which makes him look like a manhwa character. With his visuals looking like it already came from a comic book, this hair color only made him look more like a romance manga protagonist!

Though Jeonghan is the master of all hair colors, some CARATs have expressed their worries for his scalp and hope that he takes good care of his hair and doesn’t go too crazy on the dye. Let’s have hair for a long time, Jeonghan!

Source: Pann