SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is The King Of Saving Energy And Will Do Anything To Keep His Title

Even cheating isn’t off limits.

In order to complete a mission for a television show, SEVENTEEN had to run up a large set of stairs. All of the members did their best and put all their energy into the task.

But, there was someone that found an easier way to do it. If you know SEVENTEEN, then you know it had to be Jeonghan. If there’s any way to conserve his energy, he would find a way to do it.

Instead of running up the stairs, he took the escalator. The host of the show had even caught him doing it. So, all the members had been told about it when they’d gathered at the top.


His name hadn’t been revealed though. So he took suspicion off himself by asking, “Who was it?”

SEVENTEEN had known each other far too long to be fooled, and they were quick to guess that it was Jeonghan. He couldn’t do anything else but say, “Surprise.”

No one can beat Jeonghan when it comes to saving energy. He even resorts to cheating to get his way. But, it’s all fun and games.